Standup Comedy Debut

I will be debuting my new standup comedy act at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose on Tuesday, March 9 at the 8:45pm show.  Come see a score of new comics perform, including me.  Tickets are available at the door or in advance by clicking here (be sure to select the 8:45 show from the dropdown). 

As the saying goes:  If you’re late once, you’re tardy.  If you’re late twice, you’re retardy.  So be on time!

Report: $1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion

A recent article in Home Media Magazine headlined that “$1 DVD Rentals Could Cost Industry $1 Billion,” according to an industry report. The report argues that lower revenue as a result of lower prices will lead to less movie production activity, hurting the economy as a whole.

What about the customer in all of this? Let’s re-write the article’s headline from his point of view: “$1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion.” Continue reading