Standup Comedy Debut

I will be debuting my new standup comedy act at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose on Tuesday, March 9 at the 8:45pm show.  Come see a score of new comics perform, including me.  Tickets are available at the door or in advance by clicking here (be sure to select the 8:45 show from the dropdown). 

As the saying goes:  If you’re late once, you’re tardy.  If you’re late twice, you’re retardy.  So be on time!

Report: $1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion

A recent article in Home Media Magazine headlined that “$1 DVD Rentals Could Cost Industry $1 Billion,” according to an industry report. The report argues that lower revenue as a result of lower prices will lead to less movie production activity, hurting the economy as a whole.

What about the customer in all of this? Let’s re-write the article’s headline from his point of view: “$1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion.” Continue reading

Netflix: Note Up Your Queues

netflix_logo2If your Netflix queue is well over 100 movies, it could take a year or longer before that just-added title arrives in your mailbox. This creates the problem of having to remember the reason you wanted to watch something. How many times have you opened that red envelope only to discover a movie you’ve never heard of and have no interest in seeing? It’s time to put an end to these situations. Continue reading