Report: $1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion

A recent article in Home Media Magazine headlined that “$1 DVD Rentals Could Cost Industry $1 Billion,” according to an industry report. The report argues that lower revenue as a result of lower prices will lead to less movie production activity, hurting the economy as a whole.

What about the customer in all of this? Let’s re-write the article’s headline from his point of view: “$1 DVD Rentals Could Save Customers $1 Billion.” Continue reading

Netflix: Note Up Your Queues

netflix_logo2If your Netflix queue is well over 100 movies, it could take a year or longer before that just-added title arrives in your mailbox. This creates the problem of having to remember the reason you wanted to watch something. How many times have you opened that red envelope only to discover a movie you’ve never heard of and have no interest in seeing? It’s time to put an end to these situations. Continue reading

Eight Reasons to Quit Cable TV

Two years ago I canceled my cable TV subscription and never regretted it, and you should consider doing it too, for the following eight reasons:

1. Cable is too expensive. At $60-$100 per month, depending on what you subscribe to, that money can be put to better use — and I don’t mean on something other than entertainment. With this budget at your discretion each month, subscribe to Netflix ($10-$30), go to the movie theater ($20-$40) and have enough left over to buy/rent a TV show or movies from iTunes, Amazon or the local video store. Sure, you can’t get everything that’s on TV that way, but once you shut off access to cable, you soon forget about what you might have had if you had it, and focus on enjoying the shows you do have access to. Continue reading

Back to the Future Remake as TV Series?

New DeLorean?A new DeLorean may be in the works, which appears to be based on the Saturn Sky / Pontiac Solstice two-seater made by General Motors. It’s not clear if the car will be all stainless steel, like it’s predecessor, or just painted silver.

The DeLorean, of course, was the time travel vehicle in Back to the Future, and a new version of the car ripens the franchise for a remake. Fans of the movies would likely go ballistic, so you do the only thing you can do: make it a television series.

Here’s the pitch: Continue reading