Interview: Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills’ Sam Sheldon

samsheldonCompounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills owner Sam Sheldon joins us in studio to talk about his passion for pharmacy, starting his business and running it for the past fourteen years, and how he distinguishes himself from the competition.

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Barcode Hero Checks In

barcodehero_logoFoursquare made popular the concept of the “check in,” where individuals “check in” to locations as they travel about town, earning points and badges while they do it.  It is both social networking and social gaming, and it’s fun.

On this front, I’ve recently become addicted to Barcode Hero for the iPhone, a new app from Kima Labs and founded by a couple of friends of mine, Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford.  These are smart guys and the first version of their app is all the proof you’ll need to see they are seasoned pros. Continue reading

The False Hope of Failure

Failure is a buzz word in today’s fast and frenzied Internet startup world.  Many are focusing on it, saying not to be intimidated by it.  While the intention is good, the growing focus on failure is a false hope that cannot bring success by itself. Continue reading