Interview: Voice-Over Artist Kevin Delaney

kevindelaney1Kevin Delaney is a voice over artist in Los Angeles who also offers voice over lessons and coaching. Kevin discusses why actors and voice over artists must be entrepreneurs to survive in Hollywood, plus the philosophy behind his blog, The Wealthy Bohemian.

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Mobile Is Critical for Audio Podcasters: 3 Tips For Success

Heil PR40 MicrophoneI’ve had a few months under my belt now as an audio podcast producer and my two shows, The Movie Film Show and The Independent Entrepreneur, are off to a modest start. Bootstrapping these shows with almost no budget is not easy and the struggle to grow my audience has been, at times, frustrating.

But I’ve learned a lot so far about what works, and I’m sure there’s plenty more to do. Most importantly, I’m realizing the need to create mobile-friendly versions of my shows. Continue reading

Interview: Ballistix’s Justin Roff-Marsh

justin-roff-marshJustin Roff-Marsh is the founder and president of Ballistix, a consulting firm specializing in Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Justin discusses SPE, The Theory of Constraints, how he built his company and why entrepreneurs should start their businesses with no money and no plan.

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