What Comes After RIE?

afterrieMagda Gerber’s caretaking and parenting philosophy, which she named RIE , is explicitly intended to be applied to children from birth until about two years old. Discovering and applying RIE with my young children is without a doubt the best thing my wife and I have done as parents, and we are huge advocates of Gerber’s philosophy. (Click here to read my introductory post about RIE.) However, often the question comes up: what do I do with my kids after RIE? Do the ideas still apply? Continue reading

When It Comes To Parenting, Do Not Follow Your Guts

As a parent I spend a fair amount of time in various parenting forums and discussion groups, either seeking advice or offering my own. Too often, however, in response to parenting questions, I hear other parents offering the clichéd advice: “follow your gut,” or “just do what feels right.”

But what if you feel like hitting your child, because you are particularly annoyed about something they did? What if your “guts” tell you to put your kid in time-out? Or call them names when they’ve done something you think is stupid? Or worse? Is it okay to follow your guts then? Continue reading

Sharing Is Not A Virtue

Whether at the park, the mall, or on a play date with my children, I frequently hear parents commanding their kids, “You need to share!” Or, they go out of their way to praise their child when they do share, “You shared your toy so well!” Continue reading

Movie: Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love
First time writer/director Josh Boone brings us a charming, not-so-rosy but emotionally rewarding drama, Stuck in Love, about a family of writers. Thematically, the movie manages to cover the gamut of love in its various states and stages — and with a refreshing dose of authenticity.

Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly play a divorced couple, and Kinnear’s character is vying to win back his ex-wife’s affection while also having an affair with a married woman (Kristen Bell). This is accomplished, not with cynicism, but grace and understanding. This situation is crazy enough that it is funny but believable, thanks in part to Kinnear’s strong and subtle performance. Continue reading