Barcode Hero Checks In

August 15, 2010  |  business, technology  |  2 Comments

barcodehero_logoFoursquare made popular the concept of the “check in,” where individuals “check in” to locations as they travel about town, earning points and badges while they do it.  It is both social networking and social gaming, and it’s fun.

On this front, I’ve recently become addicted to Barcode Hero for the iPhone, a new app from Kima Labs and founded by a couple of friends of mine, Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford.  These are smart guys and the first version of their app is all the proof you’ll need to see they are seasoned pros. CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Why Google Should Oppose Net Neutrality

July 15, 2010  |  business, technology  |  No Comments

A recent article in The Financial Times titled “Net Neutrality Comes Back to Haunt Google” demonstrates why Google should stand on principle in its business practices and should give one pause in advocating Net Neutrality. CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Google’s Snooping Snopes

June 22, 2010  |  technology  |  No Comments

Much hoopla is being made in the media about Google’s so-called “snooping” on wireless networks (Wi-Fi) in various countries, with government agencies calling for investigations into Google, and grabs at more power by “enhancing” so-called privacy laws. CLICK HERE to read the full article…