Interview: Andrew Warner of Mixergy

June 13, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

andrewwarnerAndrew Warner, founder of, is interviewed about his own show on business, how he failed at it on the first try, and why he’s so passionate about the upstart.


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Rework: Sell Your By-Products

June 3, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

front-coverI recently read Rework, the book written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the owners of the company 37signals.

It throws a lot of conventional wisdom about business out the window, and embraces that scrappy, “get things done” attitude that I admire.

One important idea in the book is to “sell your by-products.”  I loved this chapter and, if you have a new or growing business, is a critical principle to leveraging the most out of your business.

The basic idea is this: every business has a by-product, and one can leverage these into sellable items.  In fact, Rework itself is a by-product from the authors’ experience in running their company, 37 Signals. CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Interview: Les McKeown

May 17, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

Les McKeown, author of Predictable Success, is interviewed about his book and the knowledge he gained in starting over 42 companies during his career. Les tells us why startups of 3-4 people are most likely to succeed, the potential pitfalls to “following your passion” and why you should triple the initial expectations of your new business.


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Interview: ConnectFu’s Jeff Yoak

April 26, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

Jeff Yoak, CEO and Founder of ConnectFu, talks with us about his new startup as well as offers some advice on hiring employees, helping others and the value of transparency.


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Interview: Micah Cover

March 28, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

Micah Cover of Micah’s Magic is interviewed about being a professional magician. He discusses the business side of magician-ship, why having a mentors is a crucial part of his success, and how he develops his act.


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