The Netflix Price Increase of 2011

October 10, 2011  |  business, movies etc.  |  No Comments

netflix_logo2Netflix has been on a bit of roller coaster ride as a company, as most people who subscribe to the service or love movies and follows such things already know.  The story is not unlike a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie; it’s got twists, turns, and is often based on such lame and asinine premises that one just has to laugh at the crazy plot points. CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Interview: Myogenics Fitness’ Chad Morris

September 27, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

chadmorrisChad Morris is the owner of Myogenics Fitness, a gym located in West Hollywood that is dedicated exclusively to what’s called High Intensity Training. Chad talks about his company and their unique approach to exercise and fitness.


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Apple Doesn’t Give TV Rentals a Fair Shake

September 14, 2011  |  business, movies etc.  |  No Comments

Apple recently stopped offering $0.99 TV rentals, saying that their customers prefer to buy TV shows instead of rent them (the price to purchase is $2.99 for HD content, and $1.99 for standard definition). CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Don’t Accidentally Buy Stuff on Behalf of Your Customers

September 9, 2011  |  business, technology  |  1 Comment

Today I went to add Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words to my DVD wish list on A few minutes later I received an e-mail stating that my order was received and would be shipped soon. I did click ‘Wish List,’ didn’t I? How was I suddenly buying this DVD? Luckily, I caught this in time to canceled the order. No harm done.

But darn it, I was pretty sure I had clicked the ‘Add to Wish List’ button. On the other hand, I found it difficult to contemplate how Amazon could make an error like that. I figured it was user error, and I went back and retraced my steps to figure it out.  Here’s what I discovered: CLICK HERE to read the full article…

Interview: foreThought.Net’s Jawaid Bazyar

June 16, 2011  |  business  |  No Comments

jawaidJawaid Bazyar is the president of, an Internet service provider and telecommunications company servicing the Denver, Colorado area. Jawaid talks about starting his company from his basement apartment, how he’s adapted his business over the years in an ever-evolving market, and why one should “always pay attention to the facts on the ground.”


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